Fasting, all kinds of different diets, and exercise plans are the conventional way most people approach the problem of losing weight. There are reasonable facts supporting this approach, as the fewer calories you enter and the more of them you burn through exercise, you will get leaner – that’s pure logic. However, there are some foods that actually can accelerate fat loss and therefore weight loss. Here are some of these foods and drinks along with explanation on how they affect the metabolism.

Whole Grain Food

Grains that are not processed are called whole grains and they are very important for various reasons. In terms of energy metabolism, they are not easy for human stomach and intestines to digest, and they increase the activity of these organs, thus providing higher calorie loss. Another mechanism in which whole grains make you lose fat is a high fiber content. Dietary fibers are indigestible and they just make the digestive tract fuller, so you do not feel hunger.

Coffee and Green Tea

On the other hand, coffee and green tea act by stimulating the metabolism to release more energy from the depots. That energy can be spent on physical activity, functioning of internal organs and brain, and on increasing temperature. Caffeine from coffee and catechins form green tea are responsible for these effects. That is why these two drinks are often included in diet plans. It is however not recommended to overuse neither coffee nor green tea as it can carry long-term health-related risks.

High Protein Food

High protein diet is well-known for its benefits on health, especially for losing weight and keeping muscle mass. Many people use protein supplements, but proteins can also be found in some foods. Lean meat and fish are the richest natural sources of protein. If you replace some foods rich in carbohydrates or fat with meat and fish, you will actually lose fat and keep your muscles. Current scientific studies are full of evidences of this effect of high-protein diet. It is actually not entirely clear why proteins cause fat loss, giving that they carry the same amount of calories as carbohydrates, but this effect has been experimentally proven many times.

Other Foods

There are plenty of other foods that help you lose excess fat, but they all act by similar mechanisms as the above stated. They either increase metabolic rate, such as chili pepper and avocado, or they require higher effort from digestive system to be digested, such as green leafy vegetables and apples. Adding these foods to your diet can help you lose fat and shrink your waistline without need for strict restrictions in calorie intake and high level of physical activity.


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